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    The third day of Fashion Nation 12th Edition, Friday 13th April at Main Atrium Senayan City presents Future Culture. This time, Populo Batik brought a collection of fashion titled Purity in Fashion Nation 2018.

    This collection is inspired from an isolated area in Nepal named Lo Manthang. Precisely in Mustang area. Divided into three theme sequences, namely Water, Mountain, and People. But what's featured in Fashion Nation 2018 is Mountain and People sequences only.

    The other half of the collection, paraded down the runway is decidedly more ethnic than casual. There are more kimono-style wraps, loose tunics and capes– paired mostly with cigarette pants. The lighthearted blue is married with a solid brown, creating a palette well-suited for after-hours events. While some of the pieces may work as outerwear for any wardrobe, most of the pieces are better paired up within the collection itself.

    To watch the fashion nation show clip, here’s the link: https://bit.ly/2t41fmz

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