• Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2018

    Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2018, the annual event to showcase the latest fashion collection from various local designers, which was held at The Warehouse, Plaza Indonesia from 19-23 March 2018.

    Through the special-curated show, Plaza Indonesia wanted to present the beauty of Indonesian traditional clothes by the designers as a stylish and unique collection for the younger generation or modern society. It was the final day of Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2018, and as usual, the event churned out the most exciting shows for the conclusive day of the festivity. The grand theme of the day was ‘KAIN‘, where the shows gave more spotlight to the rich Indonesian textiles.

    Populo Batik presented collection entitled “Purity,” deeply inspirited from the reflection of Gandaki River, Tibet. It was full of calm and soothing blue tone with contrasting white, creating eye-catching impressions that were rounded up gracefully with appealing designs.

    To watch the fashion show clip, here’s the link: https://bit.ly/2JDCEz3


    Source :

    Neighbourlist & Populo Batik


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